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Natural Medicine and Healing

Pathways to Natural Health is a family medical practice in Santa Barbara, California that offers holistic integrative medicine for its patients. The clinic’s goal is to help support patients in all steps of their healing process.

The underlying philosophy that governs the clinic is the respect for the inherent wisdom of the body to heal. Treatments are prescribed based on the individual patient. No prescription is complete without honoring the connection between the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Clapham compassionately spends time with each patient to look beyond the diagnosis to the person and their unique physiology. She inspires and encourages each patient to optimize their health potential so that they are not only improving their current conditions but also preventing future disease.

August 31, 2016 News

We have an all-new, updated web site under construction and coming soon! In the meantime, we would like to welcome Dr. Michelle Hansen, ND to the clinic! Learn more about Dr. Hansen at:

What is naturopathic medicine and how is it different?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care – an art, a science, a philosophy and a practice of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. Naturopathic medicine uses modern, traditional, scientific and empirical methods to restore overall health.

The six principles of healing that form the foundation of naturopathic medicine include:

  • First, Do no Harm - Primum no nocere

  • The Healing Power of Nature - Vis medicatrix naturae

  • Identify and Treat the Cause - Tolle causum

  • Treat the Whole Person - In pertubato animo sicut in corpore sanitas esse non potest 

  • Doctor as Teacher - Docere

  • Prevention is the Best Cure - Principiis obsta: sero medicina curatur 

What is a naturopathic doctor?

A naturopathic doctor (ND) is a primary care provider who focuses on the whole patient and believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The doctor’s role is to support the body in its own process through a variety of natural therapeutics. Naturopathic doctors are interested in all factors that contribute to disease and symptoms. Their focus is to find the underlying cause of disease and to use treatments that promote the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Typically, they spend more time with patients than the average doctor; and, education and dialogue with patients is considered an important aspect of care.

Naturopathic doctors treat both acute and chronic conditions. They not only look at family and personal history, but also lifestyle factors like quality of sleep, diet, stress levels, hormonal influences, hydration levels, bowel health and others. As general practitioners, they treat the full spectrum of conditions from acute upper respiratory infections to diabetes.

Top 5 Reasons to See a Naturopathic Doctor (ND):

You want to make informed decisions about your health

Naturopathic doctors are not just a second opinion from another doctor. They have a completely different philosophy and set of therapeutic methods. The typical patient of naturopathic medicine is quite knowledgeable and wants to understand the complexities of their condition.

Naturopathic doctors treat you as a person, not a disease

Modern medicine is based mainly on the diagnosis of disease. Once a diagnosis is made, you are labeled and given the same treatment that everyone else with that disease gets. If it doesn’t work, the “patient has failed the treatment”. One of the core philosophies in naturopathy is that we treat people, not disease. In addition, there are many different remedies for an indicated disease as every patient manifests disease differently.

You prefer to use natural substances

Leading a clean and healthy lifestyle can contribute to a long life. Often, natural substances have fewer side effects and can promote health. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in all aspects of natural therapies. They are the recognized experts in their field.

You want to cure the problem, not mask the symptoms

For many chronic diseases, pharmaceuticals only stop or help your symptoms. Once the pharmaceuticals are stopped, the symptoms reappear and for some the side effects can be undesirable. A naturopathic doctor chooses natural remedies to address the underlying cause of symptoms.

You may have uncommon and complex health issues

Naturopathic doctors have a broad understanding of many aspects of holistic medicine and health. Many people with uncommon health issues seek out naturopathic doctors when they realize that modern medicine is not helping them.